December 15, 2010

I met my cat Lizzie one year ago, today. For a few months I had been wanting a cat, and had gradually convinced Grandma to let me get a cat to keep us company in the house. I went to the Tulsa County Animal Shelter on 15 December 2009, and stepped into the “cattery”. There were a few other people in there, but as soon as I stepped in I heard this one cat meowing as loud as she could. I saw this small (5 month old) kitten, looking directly at me. It was as if she was yelling at me to get her out of that hell hole.

It was love at first sight. She had these gorgeous yellow/green eyes, and was grey with black spots. I got her out of the kennel, and watched her play with the toys. She was so energetic and charming, and she trusted me almost immediately. After only glancing at the other cats, I decided Lizzie was “the One”. I went to the front desk with her kennel number, paid for her, and went back to visit her before I left. It felt like her eyes looked right into me.

I returned the next day with my youngest sister. Lizzie had been spayed, and was ready to come to her new home. On our way home Lizzie was extremely nervous. My sister put her hand in the pet carrier to calm Lizzie, but somehow Lizzie needled her way out of the carrier and was now loose in the car. Now even more nervous, and still a bit drugged from her surgery, Lizzie started experiencing some flatulence. It smelled terrible. We finally reached home, and got her into the house. After exploring for a few minutes, Lizzie climbed up onto the couch in the living room, sat on my lap, and took a nap.

Over the last year, Lizzie has been a constant companion, a nuisance, a comfort, a source of entertainment, and has evolved from being my cat and pet, to being very human to me. She is my baby. I don’t like children, but I love my cat.



December 5, 2010

2010 has been the best year I can remember. I grew up. Mostly.


  • I turned 20. Now I can talk about those “damn teenagers” and mean it.
  • Grandma had to go into the hospital for a month, the day of my birthday. I hated 2010 already.
  • Grandma’s house is being remodeled.


  • After having issues with Grandma, she gets better, and is released from the hospital.
  • Grandma’s house is still being remodeled.


  • I got to see Eric Clapton in concert!
  • Grandma’s house is finished.
  • 2010 is looking up.


  • My sister turns 18.
  • I start making plans for London.


  • I buy tickets for London, book a hotel, and make definite plans.
  • I have the most successful semester of my college career.


  • I meet my best friend online. I get a crush.
  • I quit my job at the Aquarium. (Amusing annoying story- ask me about it sometime.)
  • I start PACKING.


  • I go on a cruise to the Bahamas, and learn that my online best friend will come to meet me in London.
  • I’m home for 2 days, then catch my flight to London and have the time of my life.
  • Meet my best friend. More than a crush. I kiss him. He kisses me. We are happy.


  • Best friend becomes boyfriend.
  • I start school again, and for the first time I’m ready.


  • Stress kicks in, but I find ways to relax. I stay positive.
  • Boyfriend comes to Oklahoma! Everyone loves him!


  • I don’t even remember having October this year. I’m sure it was mediocre.


  • My grandmother (father’s side) passed away.
  • I see Elton John in concert!!!
  • I still can’t find a job.
  • I still like school.

December: (It isn’t over yet, but I can tell what will probably happen)

  • I finish this semester of school successfully.
  • I go to GERMANY and hang out with my boyfriend for a week. We are happy.
  • Bring in 2011 in Germany with my boyfriend and a smile.

No thanks

September 9, 2010

Tulsa Community College (TCC) is starting a “Critical Thinking Initiative”. My math teacher is a part of the group of professors starting this. They must think students at TCC are below par when it comes to critical thinking. This may possibly be true. However my math teacher decided that my class is required to take part in this “beta phase” of the initiative. She didn’t  put this in the syllabus, though. So last Thursday she told us we have to go online and enroll in this initiative and take some “pretest” for this initiative. The test would be worth one homework grade, so she could coerce us to take part in the initiative. I feel like it is a slap in the face to have to take part in this when it wasn’t in writing and when she is basically blackmailing us to take part in an experiment that a group of professors at a community college want to do. They obviously think all students at TCC are stupid and will do whatever they say. I don’t want to do this, so I didn’t. Maybe I just feel like causing problems. But I feel like just because I’m in this stupid “Basic Math” class they think I’m stupid and don’t know how to think for myself. Maybe not taking the test is my way of feeling like I’m proving them wrong?


Frequently Asked Questions

September 2, 2010

I got a boyfriend recently! Yay me! However, I’m getting the same reactions from people and I’m pretty much sick of it. PISSED OFF, REALLY. So here are the typical reactions and questions I’m getting from people.

You got a BOYFRIEND?!

Yes. I know its hard to believe.

Tell me about him!

He’s 26 and lives in Germany and I think he’s awesome. Obviously.

Have you even met him?

Yes. I took a trip to London this summer and he flew over to meet up with me for a week. Which means a lot to me. How many people will do that for you?

Fair enough. But it’s so weird with you having a boyfriend! LOL!!!!

Yeah I GET IT. Valarie isn’t supposed to have a boyfriend. Valarie is supposed to be the one that everyone thinks is gay. Valarie is supposed to be the one that is always single so that when your boyfriend or girlfriend break up with you she’ll always have time to hang out because she has no other real friends.

So when can you see him?

We talk on Twitter, on Windows Live Messenger, and on Skype. He is coming to Oklahoma in late September and I’ll be going to Germany for New Years. We do what we can.

So now that you have a boyfriend does that mean you’ll talk to me less?

No. Because I never actually get to SEE HIM. If I talk to you less it’s because I want to actually pass all of my classes this semester. Also, because you’re getting on my nerves when you express disbelief at me finding a boyfriend.

Do you love him?

I don’t know. He’s my best friend. He has made some sacrifices for me that mean more to me that I can say. (Flights across the world, quitting smoking, etc) Yeah, I think I love him. And he feels the same.

And that’s all for now. Will you all please stop thinking it’s the funniest thing in the world to think of me having a boyfriend? The novelty has worn off of your reactions and now I’m just angry about it. Thanks for understanding.

Wait one last question- now that you’ve got a boyfriend will you still post almost creepy things about old British guys?

Hell yes I will. The boyfriend is understanding of my love for Anthony Head:


London, England

August 14, 2010

I met people, I saw things I’ve always wanted to see, and overall fell in love with the country. What a beautiful place.

London was great, but not my thing. It smelled like stale urine, which is unfortunate, and was too crowded for my taste. However, it is a lovely city and everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime. I saw most of the “touristy” things, but also allowed myself to get lost a few times and stumbled upon some gems. (A poster of Anthony Head outside of a theatre!!) Here are some pictures from London, as I’m feeling too lazy to write too much.


The Bahamas

July 10, 2010

Went on a cruise with my stepdad’s family to the Bahamas. I didn’t particularly like the Bahamas, but I think that’s because I don’t like tropical climates or swimming. Anyway, here are a few pictures. Please credit me if you take them. Thanks!



July 2, 2010

I’ve been dealing with the ups and downs of an 85 year old woman (my grandma) for the past two days, and I have something to say about it. And because I really love making lists, here is a list of my observations and thoughts.

  1. The people she raised have abandoned her. The only people who call her more than once a year are her daughters (pain killer addicts) and her granddaughter (my aunt, who is having quite a few problems of her own.) Why hasn’t she heard from the niece she raised? Why hasn’t my own father (her grandson) stopped by on his way home from work? (Rhetorical question- he would never do anything like that.) This family is made of FAIL.
  2. People she isn’t even related to see her more. My mom’s family sees her more than any other family member of hers. And my mom’s family is in no way related to my grandma, except through my sister and me. Like I mentioned above, she will get phone calls, but no visits. Ever.
  3. I get to deal with all of the frustration and anger from her, while they sit around their own houses not even thinking of her. I get to deal with the 1 a.m. wake ups when she falls out of bed. I deal with the incontinence she sometimes has. I deal with cleaning the house. I take her to the doctor. I take her grocery shopping. I never hear from anyone except my sister (who is a big HUGE help) and my mom’s family, asking if they can help out.

Thanks, Holly family. (minus 2, my aunt & sister) A phone call doesn’t hurt, and a visit wouldn’t be so bad. Not because you need something, but because you WANT TO VISIT.


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